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I am a blogger who has been writing a news blog "Garbagenews" for nearly 10 years in Japan. This news blog is Not a copy of the newspapers or television, my article are articles of "news that the description", as described in the graphs or the research or the verification on the basis of the published data and government survey data of the company.

My site (that was written in the " " to it) that has been moved to February 2009 in the domain of the site.

Rated from the search engine along with the accumulation of data and stack of articles, search traffic was also increased little by little. But dropped suddenly to the evaluation in November 2012, traffic from the search engine of my site I have reduced to approximately 1/3.

It has not received any "manual penalty" , it does not do any techniques such as black hat . Nevertheless , make corrections or delete ( also be such that the benefit of the reader for example) , fixes were made of nearly 100 to fit over the time of one and a half years the areas of concern even a little ( comment field move to another site of articles appear adding social bookmark icon and the introduction of high-speed of the image , remove the articles less the amount of text , as different shades , etc.). Similarly until now , I've been adding new content to it rather than the meantime of course .

↑ Traffic from search engine of Click to engage

But still there is no good change , the situation worsened , traffic from the search engine of my site , I have reduced to 1/4 compared with up to November 2012 at last Panda 4.0 the other day .

There is no decent answer even ask on the official forum of Google in Japan , I just bewildering . What's wrong on earth . Will not there a chance for me anymore . Please tell me how to be saved something .

P.S. I just wrote this Message on my personal hobby blog.









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